Revealing the ACE success story…….

Tradeshow is perceived as a prospering industry in the Indian market providing an efficacious ground to showcase, demonstrate latest products, services, study activities of competitors and examine recent market trends and opportunities. The trend of Tradeshows in India has engaged several buyers, sellers, business opportunists under one roof.
The discussion of the tradeshow industry in India is incomplete, without one of the most renowned tradeshow The Economic Times ACETECH covering Architecture, Construction and Design.
The show engages the market players of the architecture, construction, design and engineering fraternity. This industry is evaluated as 650 million USD and making up to 5% of the world’s total output. ACETECH is conceptualized and executed by Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd effectively since 2006. Since then there is no looking back for this show and has just grown bigger better and grandeur with national and international brands showcasing their best of products, services and technologies. This power packed show is a perfect blend of Business, Innovation and Networking.

The show displays a vast array of 22 segments of products and technologies that are used by the architecture, construction and design diligence. Products across segments such as Paints, Wood, Glass, Plumbing, Electrical, Bath & Sanitation, Kitchen Technologies, HVAC, Steel & Concrete, Lighting, Hardware & Fittings, Ceramics & Marbles and many more are visible at the exhibition. From the most exclusive home wellness products to the most venerate real estate tycoons, architects and interiors designers mark their presence at the show.
With a lavish 3700000 sqft of exhibiting area creates an explicit experience for the exhibitors, entrants of the show making ACETECH world’s 3rd Largest and Asia’s Largest Show on Architecture Construction and Design. Renowned architects and interior designers are eager to discover brands with considerable importance that advent from within India and Overseas.
ACE Outlook – Inaugurated by Shri Prithvi Raj Chavan says “I am very happy to be here with you today for the inauguration of ACETECH. I am particularly happy to return this year as I was here last year also” , Arch. Kalhan Mattoo (designed the outdoor cafeteria and the show) says “I think it’s grown bigger and better by the year and its always amazing to walk in and see things looking so good and this year they have pulled it off again. I think it’s going to be a benchmark for international standards in sometime. Bigger better every time”, Arch. Reza Kabul (Designed the ACE Lounge) says “ Excellent, its already there at the international standards work more harder”, Ricardo E Bofill, Taller De Architectura, Spain says,“, – It is a big pleasure to inaugurate this ACETECH exhibition. We are much honored to be here”, Prof William Alsop says, “This is my second time in this event I enjoyed it very much the last year and I intend to enjoy this time as much”, Arch Alfredo Munoz, President ABIBo Architecture, “It’s very exciting. I think the whole idea is really exciting. The concept is great; the team is doing a great job. It will be lovely to be a part of the jury next year.”

ACE Guest of Honor – Ali Lokhandwala( Lokhandwala Infrastructure) says, “ ACETECH is an exhibition conference bringing together leaders and peers from our industry. I think it’s one of a kind in Mumbai which has been organized don’t know much about other states but in Mumbai there is nothing that compares to ACETECH.I think we are getting to the international standards. I would say what ACETECH is offering class rather than mass products. Well I have been coming here every year. I think every year its growing, its better its good its more organized”, Shri Chagan Bhujbal ( PWD Minister)says ,“It is a great pleasure to address you all in this colorful Acetech 2012. I thank the organizers for giving me an opportunity to associate with you for this evening”, Ashish Raheja (Raheja Universal) say, “ACETECH is been growing, I have seen this growing over the years Sumit Gandhi had an ambition and he has fulfilled it and now it’s got everything from national and international. The products have been fantastic I was in the jury last year and I was myself stunned to see certain products in the industry that I had not seen before”, Suzanne Roshan (The Charcoal Project) says, “I am happy to be here at ACETECH it’s my first time here in ACETECH It’s like an eye opener and I am very happy that we have a standard of this in our city I am very proud to be here today and be a part of this whole fraternity.”.

Not only the stalwarts of the industry graced the show with their presence but brands like Kajaria, Pidilite, Duravit, Bajaj, Osram, Philips, RAK, Fenesta, Parryware, Glocera, Somany, TOTO, Astral, Vitra & many more participated, making the show a great success.

The show is not only about exhibiting products, services and technologies but also a network arena in the form of “The Designwall”, “The Global Green Summit”, “The International Lighting Summit” and “The felicitation Evening” where eminent speakers discuss in a single day conference on relevant topics on innovation, technologies ( The Design Wall), about eco-friendly , sustainable and renewable energy (The global Green Summit) and the latest in the Lighting industry(The International Lighting Summit).
It’s to see, 2013 has what in store with ACETECH ,so all eyes set to unfold a new saga, a never ending experience with the launch of 23rd edition dates Mumbai (Bombay Exhibition centre) – 17th -18th -19th -20th October 2013 , Delhi( Pragati Maidan)- 5TH , 6TH , 7TH ,8TH December 2013, Kolkatta( Science City Exhibition Ground) – 31st Jan , 1st Feb , 2nd Feb 2014 , Bengaluru ( B.I.E.C)- 8TH ,9TH –,10TH November 2013 , Ahmedabad(Gujarat University Exhibition Grounds) – 10th,11th,12th January 2014 .

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